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Mach 1 -  DOT Orange Sheet to Manufacture Snow Plow Blades

Product Overview

  • One Million grams/mol

  • Extremely Low coefficient of friction

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Non-Stick 

  • High impact strength

  • Road salt/brine chemical resistant

  • Noise reducing

  • UV Stabilized for outdoor use

Product Details

   Mach 1 DOT Orange Snow Plows were developed for the transportation industry to solve sticking and plowing efficiency issues.

   Key factors that highlight the capability are high impact and crucial non-stick properties that release snow, slush and other winter precipitation quickly and efficiently through its integrated AAF™, Accelerated Anti-Friction composition.

The molecular structure of the Mach 1 DOT Orange material provides clear safety improvements for both the operator including very little to zero build-up of snow on the blade.

   A key benefit is the significant reduction in fuel consumption.

highway snowplow, and trailer plow.jpg

Product Information

  • 1/4" to 1/2" Gauge

  • Max. 48" x 120" Platen Size

  • Custom sizes and gauges

Mach 1 DOT Orange Snow Plow - Features & Benefits

​Integrated AAF™ (Accelerated Anti-Friction) composition

  • Throws snow further from blade

  • Can push more snow with smaller machine

  • Clean parking lots faster than standard blades

Engineered resin designed specifically for snow plowing

  • Less horsepower required

  • Fuels savings of up to 30%

  • Higher profit margin per contract

DOT Orange color

  • Easy for others to spot

  • Eliminates accidents

  • Doesn’t require painting

  • Meets color code requirements for North America

Abrasion resistant

  • Not damaged by stones or other particles picked up from road

  • Provides long service life

Impact resistant UHMWPE

  • Will not crack on impact in cold temperatures

  • Provides more buffer to operator than steel blades

 Pre-manufactured to include exact size and pre-machined hole

  • Made to your company color

  • Ships exactly to size you require

  • Includes all holes you require

  • Saves you manufacturing time

  • Meet niche market demands and bring in profitable business

Non-fading Color pigmentation

  • Keeps blade looking new after years of use out doors.

Mach 1 VHMW Family of Products

Applications for Mach 1 VHMW are in all industries where requirements include but are not limited to, wear parts, sliding parts, conveyor systems, paddles, slides, guides, machined wear components, and FDA wear/sliding components and heavy impact or high compression applications.


Natural UHMW Sheet.jpg

The Industry Standard VHMW Sheet Engineered for High Performance in Wear and Slip

Mach 1 drag chain paddles.jpg

High impact, low friction VHMW for bulk material and food grade conveyor systems

Mach blue.JPG

FDA Blue VHMW Specifically Manufactured for The Food and Beverage Industry

sani-armor coloured hdpe sheet_0.jpg

Custom VHMW Sheet Colors to Assist With OEM Product Branding or Color Coding

Mach Green.JPG

Formulated for European Equipment in North America. 

City snow plow.jpg

Mach 1 DOT Orange VHMW

Snow Plow

Developed for Non-stick Winter Applications on Blades, Plows, and Buckets

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