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HMW Sheet Overview

  • Light weight

  • Meets FDA food guidelines 

  • Chemical resistant

  • No moisture absorption

  • Electrical Insulation

  • Wear resistant for mechanical parts

  • Custom Formulations to Fit Customer Needs.

  • High Impact.


HMW Sheet - Details

HMW-PE is a high molecular weight polyethylene with an excellent balance of stress crack resistance, stiffness, and melt strength. HMW has good rigidity and impact strength even at low temperatures. HMW sheets are used extensively for machined parts in abrasive wear applications as it is a tougher material than standard HDPE. These properties also make this product ideal for thermoforming large parts. 

Manufacturing with HMW Sheet:

HMW can be fabricated by using standard tooling and machinery such as drilling, routing, punching, sawing and cutting with a die or water jet. Mechanical screws and other type of fasteners can be used. Expansion/Contraction must be considered when working with all polyethylene based products.


Thermoforming HMW Sheet: This is a crystalline material, therefore, good forming practices should be used when working with this material. Forming temperature is 310°F – 360°F. Mold temperature should be 160°F - 200°F. Aluminum, grit blasted molds are preferred and should be designed with a moat if possible. Mold shrink is .017 in/in to .029 in/in.

HMW Sheet - Information

  • 0.063" to 3/4" Gauge

  • Max. 60" x 144" 

  • Custom colors per client spec.

  • Custom formulations

              Product Application  -  HMW Sheets  

Applications for HMW can be found in a wide range of industries, spanning from machine parts, guides, and fixtures to automotive dunnage, dump bed liners, gears, starwheels, cutting boards, and even food-grade chute liners. HMW sheets excel in scenarios where the need for wear-resistant components, sliding parts, conveyor system elements, paddles, machined wear components, and FDA-compliant sliding parts is paramount.

In essence, if your application necessitates smooth sliding with minimal resistance and a prolonged service life to endure abrasion and wear, then HMWPE is the ideal choice.

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