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Sani-Armor HDPE Sheet - Premium COLORS 

Product Overview

  • In-House common stock colors

  • Library of additional colors

  • Color-matching to your sample

  • Meets FDA food guidelines 

  • Chemical resistant

  • Non-staining

  • Meets Fabrication Standards

Product Details


Sani-Armor Colored HDPE sheets (High Density Polyethylene) have excellent impact, tensile, and chemical properties. A favorite with fabricators due to its excellent forming and welding matrix.

The resin used to extrude our HDPE sheets, has specific engineered characteristics to ensure the sheet properties exceed general purpose ASTM standards. Sani-Armor's FusionForm* manufacturing process has innovated beyond yesterdays standard extrusion process to produce a premium quality HDPE sheet.


Product Information

  • 0.063" to 3/4" Gauge

  • Max. 60" x 240" Plate Size

  • No Charge custom sheet size

  • Natural color

  • White UVI

  • Black UVI

  • Range of House Colors UVI

  • Custom colored sheet

     HDPE Sheet COLORS -  Custom Size  or  Custom Color

Reducing cost and waste material

How we help hundreds of clients save time & money and increase profits.

Colored HDPE Sheet

  1. Full range of common in-house colors with low minimums

  2. Custom color matching to your sample

Custom Profile-cut HDPE Sheet

  1. CNC machined panels exactly to your finished size

  2. CNC machined parts c/w holes and profiles as per you

Sani-Armor HDPE Family of Products

Natural UHMW Sheet.jpg

The industry standard HDPE sheet loved by plastic fabricators for easy fabrication, excellent impact, and chemical resistance properties. 

sani-armor coloured hdpe sheet_0.jpg

Full UVI colored HDPE sheets engineered for function and design.  Same HDPE resin base as natural sheets.

HDPE Colored Rolls & Coils.jpg

Continuous lengths of HDPE sheet run to your exact specs and color.

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