Research & Development

Pioneering new technology isn’t just equipment; it’s our people.

Since our inception, we’ve built innovation and commitment to creating sustainable, high performance products into our company’s vision.

When we pioneer a new process or technology it is in direct response to our customers’ needs or developing a market where there are no current options. We develop polymer solutions by working closely with our customers, identifying how we could solve their problems using creative, practical solutions, and refining the processing & manufacturing technology allowing us to do so.

Our team at iPoly researches using integrated product testing, efficient processing methods and creating new industry standards by enhancing the molecular structure of polymer. Much of our work involves scientifically enhancing high-grade polyolefin resins to perform at levels or applications where an engineering resin would be required.

As the manufacturing sector evolves, we lead by maintaining ambition and curiosity that laid the foundation for our early success. Never satisfied with the status quo, we strive to enhance our customers’ satisfaction and experience by investing in research and development discovering unconventional solutions and using different data resources.

Riding on previous successes is not an option! We are continually testing and trialing new ideas. If you have a concept for a product that requires research and development, we look forward to partnering with you to increase your success.

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