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Mach 1 Polymer COLORED Sheet 

Mach 1 Colored Plastic Sheet Overview

  • One Million grams/Mol

  • Specialty applications

  • Color-Matching available

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Self-lubricating

  • High impact strength

  • Chemical resistance

  • UV Stabilized for outdoor use

Mach 1 Colored Plastic Sheet - Details

Designed for OEMs, Offering the High-End Performance of Mach 1 Polymer with One Million g/mol Molecular Weight Bridging the Gap Between VHMW and UHMW.

Mach 1 COLORS are meticulously formulated to meet the exacting standards of OEMs, making them an ideal choice for product branding or color-matching. These colors feature exceptional stability and UV resistance, ensuring a prolonged service life and outstanding wear resistance in a variety of applications.

Mach 1 Colored products are distinguished by an outstandingly low coefficient of friction surpassing that of UHMW sheet, coupled with remarkable wear tolerance, elevating their performance across diverse applications. What distinguishes Mach 1 Colors is their capacity to outperform standard plastic sheets, delivering superior performance compared to traditional options. Moreover, Mach 1 Colors offer the unique advantage of customizable colors tailored to your brand or company, ensuring both exceptional functionality and a personalized touch.

Our unwavering commitment to customer service ensures that these high-quality plates are available at a competitive cost.

Mach 1 Colored UHMW sheet.jpg

Mach 1 Colored Sheet Information

  • 1/8" to 1/2" Gauge

  • Max. 60" x 144" Sheet

  • No Charge custom sheet size

Product Applications - COLORED and CUSTOM COLOR Mach Polymer Sheet

    Applications for Mach 1 Polymer color sheet are in all industries where requirements include but are not limited to, wear parts, sliding parts, conveyor systems, paddles, slides, guides, machined wear components.

Additionally the ability for you to purchase custom colors increases your market as well as your profitability.

We have the ability to produce any color, in a full outdoor UVI formula. The Mach 1 Polymer color chart provides a few ideas of some of our standard house colors. Call us with your exact color sample or number and we will take it from there.


The Mach Polymer Family of Products

Applications for Mach Polymer sheets are in all industries where requirements include but are not limited to, wear parts, sliding parts, conveyor systems, paddles, slides, guides, machined wear components, and FDA wear/sliding components and heavy impact or high compression applications.


Natural UHMW Sheet.jpg

The Industry Standard Polymer Sheet Engineered for High Performance in Wear and Slip

Mach 1 drag chain paddles.jpg

High impact, low friction sheet for bulk material and food grade conveyor systems

Mach blue.JPG

FDA Blue Mach Polymer Specifically Manufactured for The Food and Beverage Industry

sani-armor coloured hdpe sheet_0.jpg

Custom Mach Polymer Sheet Colors to Assist With OEM Product Branding or Color Coding

Mach Green.JPG

Formulated for European Equipment in North America. 

City snow plow.jpg

Mach 1 DOT Orange

Snow Plow

Developed for Non-stick Winter Applications on Blades, Plows, and Buckets

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