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Mach1 UHMWPE Sheet

Mach1 UHMPE is a standout performer and sets the standard for general purpose engineered plastic applications. It combines wear, low friction, corrosion resistance and impact strength in a cost-effective sheet that excels in every industry. Mach1 retains key physical properties in sub-zero temperatures and is resistant to chemical attack.
Mach1 is a member of the UHMPE resin family. It is a high-impact, low coefficient of friction polymer resin that mimics PTFE at a fraction of the cost.

Where can I use Mach1 UHMPE sheet?

Applications for Mach1 include a broad range across all industries where requirements include, food grade components, wear parts, sliding parts, conveyor system parts, paddles, slides, guides, machined wear components etc. 
Essentially if you require sliding action with as little resistance as possible and demand an extended service life to withstand abrasion and wear, then you have a perfect application for Mach 1!

Mach1 delivers performance or your money back – Guaranteed!

We are so sure that you will be completely blown away with Mach1 polymer sheet performance, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee! 

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Mach1 Key Features

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Self-lubricating
  • High impact strength
  • Chemical resistant
  • Food grade resin
  • Noise reducing
  • High impact strength
UHMW sheet
  • Food Grade components
  • Wear parts
  • Sliding parts
  • Conveyor system parts
  • Conveyor paddles
  • Slides
  • Guides
  • Machined wear components

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Frequently Asked Questions

UHMPE is the abbreviation for Ultra High Mechanical Polyethylene. It is a superior resin engineered to operate in demanding applications combining low co-efficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance and high impact resistance. UHMPE is generally compression molded in high pressure molds, however some manufacturers experience success with specialty extrusion systems designed to withstand the extreme pressures required. Key physical properties include “no break” notched izod, extremely low co-efficient of friction, FDA compliance for direct food contact, and good abrasion resistance.

 Low co-efficient of friction, High impact strength, and excellent abrasion resistance are key properties of Mach UHMPE sheet. Another factor that doesn’t go unnoticed by fabricators is the ease of machining.

Mach sheet is very chemical resistant however it is important to verify which chemicals are OK. Please refer to the chemical charts listed on our web listed under resources.

Sun – no problem!  Rain or sea water – no effect!  Wind – no problem!

 Wear resistance varies depending on what is sliding on or against it. Due to the low coefficient of friction, Mach polymer sheet is extremely wear resistant against sliding abrasion.

No. Mach UHMPE sheet is self-lubricating. This is not only at the surface but through-out the sheet matrix. As the sheet wears during its service life, it will maintain the same self-lubricating properties as when it was new.

The Mach sheet product family has various grades ranging from Mach 1 to Mach 6. As the Mach level increases so does the wear resistance! There may be various levels inside of each Mach level as well, for example Mach 1 also includes a Plow Series and a Conveyor Paddle Series. These are engineered to meet the criteria for specific applications.

Each Mach level comes in a standard color. We are able to manufacture custom colors, however minimums will apply.

Mach UHMPE is a closed cell structure resin which will not accept coatings.

In theory UHMPE cannot be welded, however our Mach sheet is engineered with specific additives to make this possible. Only trained polymer extrusion welders should attempt this.

Standard woodworking tools work well. We recommend using very sharp tooling. For best results use carbide cutters.

Standard woodworking and steel working drill bits work well. For larger diameter holes, use spade bits or holes saws.

Due to its low coefficient of friction, Mach UHMPE sheet creates almost zero resistance, therefore based on the law of motion the velocity of anything sliding over it is increased compared to most other plastic sheets.

Mach sheet is very similar to PTFE (Teflon) regarding static and dynamic friction. However, PTFE is capable of handling higher temperatures.

Both UHMWPE and UHMPE can be used for similar applications. For severe duty application we recommend moving to Mach 4 or Mach 6 sheet.

UHMWPE has a higher molecular weight compared to UHMPE. However this distinction is unlikely to make a difference in most applications.

A key component of the Mach sheet is its ability to withstand high impact forces. This is due to the engineering of the UHMPE resin, which has a tightly knit molecular structure. These “chains” in the sheet absorb the impact while locking the polymer and keep it from cracking.

No. The slippery surface will always remain, even if the sheet is worn to half its thickness. The slippery surface is not just a surface treatment that you see with many other plastics, it is inherent to its structure and is throughout the material. Our trademarked AAF™ (Accelerated Anti-Friction) is through the entire thickness of the panel, therefore you will always receive the benefit of amazing slip!

Mach sheet is used by all industries but is a staple in the Industrial, Agriculture and Food, and Original Equipment Manufacturers(OEM) of all industries.

UHMPE has no UL recognition. An estimate is that it would be a HB (Horizontal Burn) on UL-1; that is slow burning (less than 3” per minute).

Mach sheet can operate continuously up to 180°F. The Extreme OPS Mach 6 can operate up to 200°F intermittently.

Yes! UHMPE does not absorb water and is chemically inert making it ideal for submerged applications.

Bending Mach sheet can be done effectively without any additional heating for a large radius. Tight radiuses or 90° bends can be achieved by applying heat via an oven or heat bending machine. Some shops have had success bending Mach sheet in a press brake, however we do not recommend it as the polymer structure will not hold the bend angle.

Mach sheet can be installed with mechanical fasteners. Care must be taken to allow for thermal expansion, which is standard for most plastic sheet materials.

While many plastic sheets look alike, there are vast differences in their capabilities. HDPE is a general-purpose resin which works well for many applications. Mach UHMPE is an engineered polymer formulated for tough, severe duty applications.

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