Densilite Sheet

Densilite Sheet Varieties

Densilite is known as the ‘plastic plywood’. Its lightweight density, high resistance to water and chemicals, strength, durability and easy-to-clean surface make it excellent building material for products that endure high impact, moisture and everyday use. It also expands and contracts 25% less than HDPE.

UV Protected

For even more protection, we add an UltraViolet blocking agent to prevent resin breakdown by light sources (such as the sun or lighting fixtures). This ensures your Densilite sheet is thoroughly UV stabilized inside and out to provide years of high-performance use under full sunlight.

To even further protect your colour, we add an engineered pigmentation that resists fading.

2 Easy-to-Clean options

Choose from two Densilite options to fit your requirements:

  • Densilite XP (White Smooth B/S)
  • Densilite TX (Diamond Texture)

Densilite XP Uses

  • Utility boxes
  • Wall lining
  • Dosing skids
  • Electrical backboards
  • Head gates for cattle
  • Head gates for small animals
  • Pen dividers
  • Shelving
  • Cabinetry
  • Counters
  • Backboards
  • Equipment side panels
  • seats

Densilite TX Uses

  • Industrial non-slip flooring
  • Commercial non-slip flooring
  • walkways
  • boat floors
  • mezzanine floors
  • steps
  • assembly line ramps
  • Ground mats
  • Backboards

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Material Safety Data Sheet

ASTM Technical Data

Frequently Asked Questions

Densilite™ is a co-density polymer sheet engineered to replace plywood.

Densilite™ has a higher break strength, is more rigid, and lighter weight than standard plastic sheet.

Densilite™ is manufactured using a process to create tiny air bubbles on the inside of the panel. This makes the sheet lighter weight but also allows it to be used in the same way as a plywood sheet would be used.

Absolutely! Densilite™ is designed with a high screw retention force, meaning it will securely hold screws in place.

Densilite™ requires sharp carbide tools to cut. As it has a lower melt index then standard plastics due to its lightweight engineering, it melts more quickly with friction. As a result, hiigher feed rates must be applied when cutting. Standard circular saws work well. If edge cleaning is required a paint scraper is the best tool to use.

Yes. Cutting Densilite™ with a router provides the best cut quality. Carbide router bits work best.

Densilite™ is engineered to withstand high impact in normal operating temperatures. As with most plastics the impact resistance will lower during extreme cold temperatures.

Yes. Densilite™ has a UV resistant package which will allow it to be used outdoors in full sun. It also withstands harsh and wet environment.

Yes, although the edges look porous, they are still a closed cell structure which will not absorb water.

No. Densilite™ is not laminated during the manufacturing process; it is produced as one homogenous sheet. This ensures the integrity of the panel from surface to surface.

Yes, it can easily be drilled. Use standard drill bits or flat the boring bits (spade bits) for a good hole finish.

Densilite™ has exceptionally strong crack resistance; much stronger than that of standard HDPE sheet. This is one of its strong features, which allow it to be used in many applications.

Densilite™ weighs approximately 25% less than a standard HDPE sheet.

No, a 90° bend will not be possible without compromising its structural strength. However, it can be formed to radiuses either cold or with heat (for tighter radius).

We do not recommend it. Densilite™ has a surface finish which resists adherence by paint or other surface treatments. If custom color is required we can produce this for you; minimums apply.

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