Continuous Length HDPE Rolls & Coils

HDPE Rolls & Coils

Why settle for sheets when what you really want is a continuous roll of HDPE? 

Some applications call for continuous length HDPE sheet. That’s where we can help!

We produce any length you need, at the width you require.

  • Any Color with Full UV and Colorfast!
  • Any thickness up to 1/4"
  • Any Width up to 60”
  • Any Length!
  • Rolls or Super long sheet!
  • Sani-Armor ECO Recycled Resin
  • Premium Sani-Armor HDPE Resin
  • High Performance Engineered Resin

   Sani-Armor HDPE Rolls and coils are engineered to weather high impact and high moisture applications. Even in dirty environments, the HDPE rolls are easy to clean with a garden hose or pressure washer. For outdoor applications, a good rain will wash continuous sheets clean making it ideal for the agricultural industry.

    As with our HDPE sheets, HDPE rolls are made with not only a UV blocking agent to prevent roll breakdown by light sources (such as the sun or lighting fixtures), the colored HDPE rolls go through an engineered UV Pigmentation Process (UPP*) that resists fading. This ensures your colored HDPE roll is thoroughly UV stabilized inside and out to provide years of high performance use under full sunlight and high moisture environments.

    Our most common HDPE roll color is white, however we produce any of our standard in-house colors as well as custom colors to match your sample!

  • Chute liners
  • Slides – Playground, Water
  • Manure Chain Chute bottom
  • Dump Trailer liner
  • Wall liner in Barns, Storage Buildings
  • Fabricator custom job specification
  • White HDPE rolls
  • Colored HDPE rolls
  • Race track side boards

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