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Mach 1 UHMW-PE - High Velocity, High Impact UHMW Sheet

Product Overview

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Excellent abrasion resistance

  • High impact strength

  • Self-lubricating

  • Chemical resistance

  • FDA compliant

  • UV rated for outdoor 

  • Zero moisture absorption

  • Higher Heat Rating

Product Details

   Mach1 UHMW is an engineered polymer sheet rated for high performance applications. It combines abrasion-resistance, low friction, corrosion resistance and impact strength. Mach1 retains key physical properties in sub-zero temperatures and is resistant to chemical attack. With a molecular weight of One Million, Mach 1 UHMW sheet is rated for general purpose applications in almost all climates.

    The extremely low co-efficient of friction of Mach1 rivals PTFE as best offering available. Mach 1 UHMW is heat rated to 220°F allowing for a wider range of use. The heat-resistance formulation provides a slightly denser natural coloration, similar to other high temperature materials.

Mach 1 UHMW sheet Nat.jpg

Product Information

  • 1/8" to 3/4" Gauge

  • Max. 60" x 144" Platen Size

  • No Charge custom sheet size

Mach 1 UHMW Family of Products

Applications for Mach 1 UHMW are in all industries where requirements include but are not limited to, wear parts, sliding parts, conveyor systems, paddles, slides, guides, machined wear components, and FDA wear/sliding components and heavy impact or high compression applications.


Natural UHMW Sheet.jpg

The industry standard UHMW sheet engineered for high performance in wear and slip

Mach 1 drag chain paddles.jpg

High impact, low friction UHMW for bulk material and food grade conveyor systems

Mach blue.JPG

FDA Blue UHMW specifically manufactured for the Food and Beverage Industry

sani-armor coloured hdpe sheet_0.jpg

Custom UHMW Sheet colors to assist with OEM product branding or color coding

Mach Green.JPG

Formulated for European Equipment in North America. 

City snow plow.jpg

Mach 1 DOT Orange UHMW

Snow Plow

Developed for non-stick winter applications on blades, plows, and buckets

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