Ultra High Mechanical Polyethylene (UHMPE)

     Mach polymer sheet is produced using a superior resin engineered to operate in demanding applications combining low co-efficient of friction, excellent abrasion resistance and high impact resistance. UHMPE is generally compression molded in high pressure molds, however some manufacturers experience success with specialty extrusion systems designed to withstand the extreme pressures required. Key physical properties include “no break” notched izod, extremely low co-efficient of friction, FDA compliance for direct food contact, and good abrasion resistance.

Mach Sheet – iPoly’s line of proprietary UHMPE sheet products designed for specific applications in various industries. Get amazing results and boost production and profitability of your operation. Review the data to choose the best material for your application or call our sales team to assist you.

History of the Mach concept

   Ernst Mach was a brilliant nineteenth century scientist who came up with good work in pretty much every field he saw fit to study. He worked in optics and in cosmology, but his most famous contribution had to do with the speed of sound, and what happens when objects exceed it. He wrote a paper describing the speed of sound and the shock wave produced at supersonic speed. He even got a picture of the waves produced when a bullet broke the sound barrier.  Although Mach's name is attached to the concept, it's a tribute to him, not his original idea. Jakob Ackeret, a great scientist in his own right, came up with the idea, and named it after Mach, after Ernst died. He led the initial work on calculating the lift and drag on a supersonic airfoil and he proposed the designation of the "Mach number” for multiples of the speed of sound.


Definition of Mach numbers:

A number indicating the ratio of the speed of an object to the speed of sound in the medium 

through which the object is moving. In fluid dynamics the Mach number represents the ratio of flow velocity past a boundary to the local speed of sound.


Definition of Mach Sheet:

A polymer sheet that delivers increased velocity to other objects when exposed to them by direct contact.

What is holding you back?

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