Custom Orders

Custom Orders

While many plastic sheet manufacturers and mills offer large warehouses full of stock inventory, it’s rare to find one who will accommodate custom orders or short runs. Sometimes, you need a product made specifically produced for you.

Many of our clients come to us with custom requirements and requests for specialty products, we work closely with them to identify creative and cost effective solutions.

We’re on a mission to be the go-to polyolefin manufacturer for custom colored sheets, and have capacity to custom develop materials geared to specific applications. Our lab sciences team create tailored resin packages to produce parts for a variety of industries. There is substantial ROI for customers when their parts are designed specifically for the application and not chosen from a material that is "close" to what they need.

Custom design

Though we have a range of standard pre-engineered solutions in stock, we pride ourselves on leading the industry in research and development and working with you to fill exacting specifications with the highest quality materials.

Options for HDPE and Mach UHMPE sheets include:

Custom colors

We mix a custom color based on your requirements. All of our colored sheet is produced through our engineered UV Pigmentation Process (UPP*) that resists fading.

Color matching

Send us a color and we’ll match your sheet to this color. A small fee and minimum order amount apply.

Pellets to Parts

We are creating a new industry standard for turnaround time to process resin into custom, flat finished sheet parts. We have the capacity to engineer resin for high performance applications, and can develop materials specifically for your requirements, including building custom profile parts based on your concept drawing.